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Dick Knuth - not that long ago

My name is Dick Knuth. I own R.A. Knuth Consulting LLC. A Swiss Army Knife for the small business owner, I offer my services as a Microsoft Windows network administrator, web site developer, database programmer, and computer technician.

Born in Naples, Italy and raised in suburban Pittsburgh PA, I am the proud father of two exceptional daughters & a proud Grampa of two outstanding young boys. Until recently, I was a highly competitive volleyball player. I still roll a decent bowling ball, own a pretty ugly golf swing, and limp around the gym on bad knees. I relax by turning perfectly good wood into sawdust and wood chips.

I served as a United States Marine for 20 years, retiring in Feb 1993 as a Gunnery Sergeant. Before accepting my assignment to the 3rd CivDiv, I taught myself enough about operating systems & database programming to enable me to find gainful employment in the computer industry. I have a BBA in Finance/Banking & an AA in Computer Science. I have held industry certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

My work experience is varied. As a Marine, I repaired towed artillery, ran armories, trained Officer Candidates, managed spending for the 32 units of the 2nd Marine Division, wrote database programs for inventory management, & played on the All-Marine Volleyball Team. I served as a Senior Instructor for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Ordnance School, where I evaluated a new major weapon system and wrote a 40-hour block of instruction for this system. As a civilian, I have worked in retail computer and home electronic sales, taught end-user & technical computing, and even did a short stint as a Tupperware Lady.

You can find my resume here (it is a PDF file).