Technical Services

Smooth, efficient workflow demands a computer network that is responsive to your needs. R.A. Knuth Consulting can help you turn technology into productivity. We can facilitate an amicable relationship between you, your staff, and your servers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and printers.

Located in Boulder City NV, we offer practical & cost-effective solutions to area businesses in in a courteous, friendly manner. With over 30 years of experience in support of Windows® networks, we will meet and exceed your needs without draining your budget. Allow us to help you prosper.


The Microsoft Windows® operating systems provide the only platform that will run many popular line-of-business applications. Although it serves us well, it also provides us with many frustrating moments. We can help you avoid the work-stoppages that result from poorly-maintained and improperly-configured servers & workstations. Allow us to administer your Windows® network: Active Directory, user & group management, file & printer sharing. Much of this can be done via remote admin, which means rapid problem resolution without the need to schedule an office visit.

We also install new Windows® Servers & computers, as well as install the applications that run on them. We do Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft® Office. We install & maintain many popular applications like QuickBooks™, Sage® 100 (formerly known as MasterBuilder™), Microsoft Dynamics GP, & Quality Essentials Suite (by Horizons International). We like to learn new software – challenge us.

Ohhhh… if you own a Mac and want to run a Windows® app like your networked version of QuickBooks™, we can help you install Parallels® Desktop and Windows® 10 and the QuickBooks™ client application. Yes, we’re helpful that way…

Often the last place you WANT to be is the first place you NEED to be. That place is the office. With secure access to the office network, you can work in a a virtual office and enjoy the comfort of being somewhere else while still getting the job done. We can help you create your own virtual private network (VPN) or Remote Desktop environment.
We build our businesses around our computer systems. And should those systems fail or succumb to an external threat like a virus or malware, we need a reliable method of restoring data and recovering operating systems and applications. Allow R.A. Knuth Consulting to help you back up your data & plan for system recovery in the event of a disaster.
Operating systems & applications are not intuitive. Nobody reads the Help files, & even the most successful computer users take the long way around a task because they have never been shown the shortcut. If your network users are having a hard time with Windows®, with a mission-critical application, or with navigating the network, please allow us to help. We can provide the training & the guidance that will make your users more productive. It will save time and reduce frustration. It will make money for you & your company.
A little document management goes a long way to minimize duplication of effort, reduce the volume of data to be backed up, and ensure that your working files are the most recent files. We can help you organize your files – Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. – and identify duplicates in your document storage devices. And if you’re not sharing files, we can set that up for you. We do a little Excel®, a little Access®, & a little X-Base (are you old enough to remember dBase?). We work with SQL Server® and MySQL (for web-based data).
We need email! But do we need constant reminders that we’re bald, fat, lonely, and in desperate need of a big screen TV that is on sale at 50% off? I think not…

Email, as a form of communication, is indispensible. But it needs to be managed, or it becomes little more than a flood of words and pictures. We can help you manage your email, placing the messages that are important to you in a place of high visibility, while making those unimportant ones practically invisible. We can also help you to consolidate & organize your contacts and do the same with your appointments. If you’re in the mood, we can show you how to share your messages, contacts and calendars with co-workers. And if your business is subject to regulations that requires email archival & retrieval, we can help you meet your compliance goals.

We support on-premises or hosted Microsoft® Exchange Server, POP3, IMAP, & SMTP.

If you’re going to close that sale, you need to use your smartphone to send and receive email. If you wish to enhance the security profile of your network, you might consider using your smartphone for two-factor authentication. How about appointment reminders? Smartphones have become a fixture in today’s workplace. Let us help you make the most of this handy little piece of technology.
The bad guys are running the Offense, and we – the Good Guys – are playing a slow Defense. The bad guys will always find a way to do us harm; they are technically savvy and relentless. We are technically ignorant and just want to get our work done. So we get lazy. We get opportunistic. We visit places on the web we shouldn’t; we open email attachments that we shouldn’t; we download the freebies that are not… really… free! And we invite the savvy, relentless intruders in.

R.A. Knuth Consulting can suggest the hardware & software that will keep the bad guys out of your office and out of your computers. We can offer suggestions on how to alter your computing habits so those nasty infections won’t cause a work stoppage.

Small businesses typically do not budget for computer hardware, software and services. They buy what they need, when they need it. We understand & appreciate that mentality. If you need help making the right decision on your next hardware or software purchase, as us to help.

Since we’re offering to do a little work for you, I should tell you about a few other ponds into which we dip our toes:

  • We can help you prepare your book for self-publication through Createspace ( We can prepare your works for print-on-demand and we can prepare it for Kindle Desktop Publishing.
  • If you like to write but your works are a bit too verbose, your sentence structure a tad too complex, we can help you economize on word-count and character-count. We can help you write with a little more clarity and improved readability.
  • If you are an Affiliate Marketer, we can help you with PHP script installations, autoresponders, email management, website management.