Practical Information Technology for Small Business

Whether you sell product or render service, your business efforts are irrevocably linked to technology. You need to:

  • Store your valuable business data safely while making it readily accessible to you and your staff.
  • Communicate effectively with clients and vendors.
  • Keep the bad guys (viruses and spam) out of your data and messaging.
  • Work from any location, at any time day or night.
  • Keep costs down.

R.A. Knuth Consulting can help. We turn technology into productivity. We will help you to bridge the gap between your workflow issues and the servers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and printers that support them. We will help you tame the monsters that breed in the Information Technologies swamp. Remote access, backups, email management, virus & spam control – all brought to heel.

Located in Boulder City NV, we offer practical & cost-effective solutions to area businesses in in a courteous, friendly manner. With 31 years of experience in support of Windows® networks, we will meet and exceed your needs without draining your budget. Allow us to help you prosper.

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Military Discount

Semper Fidelis

Underpaid and overworked, the U.S. military service member deserves every break possible. If you present us with an Active Duty or Retired military I.D. card, we will reward your dedication & sacrifice with a 25% discount off our standard hourly rate for all services performed for your home or home-office computers.

We’ll do the same for Police Officers and Fire Fighters.


The Fine Print

  • We are a Domestic Limited-Liability Company, licensed in the state of Nevada under license # NV20161736576.
  • For most work, we charge $75/hour. Working as efficiently & effectively as possible, we will “eat” any block of time in which we feel we are non-productive. You’ll have to trust us on this: we will be fair with you.
  • We DO NOT charge for overtime. We don’t want to take your servers down during in the middle of your workday, so we’ll try our best to work when it is practical for you.
  • We may offer to purchase small items & invoice you for them, but we will not purchase expensive items or items that need to be registered in your name. We are more than happy to help you shop; where possible, we will assemble an online shopping cart and email you the details. We’ll walk through Fry’s or Costco & take pictures for you. We’ll help, but we (usually) will not buy.